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  • 06 Jul 2016 10:31 AM
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    At the last meeting, it was mentioned that monitoring of our parking lots would begin.  The 4th of July weekend was very busy, that both lots were full and cars were even parked on the road and in the trailer lot.  Can we be kept informed as to how the program is going and if there are non-residents using the lot still without passes?  Any thoughts?

  • 07 Jul 2016 9:09 AM
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    Hi Rich, 

    At the last meeting, the board mentioned we would start enforcing parking and trailer pen violations if they occurred.  The board has been actively monitoring the lots and helping make sure proper identification on vehicles was attained for some time. Last year, we hired RIA members to patrol the lots and educate our membership.  This year, we sent out notices, and information to everyone on our policies.  

    This past weekend is always a busy one with most homes hosting visitors from out of town or people who are not as aware of our policies.   We rely on the membership to educate their visitors and show them what is acceptable.  We even notified members if they had a vehicle in violation. I am happy to report, there were no violations that couldn't be resolved without a simple phone call.  

    We encourage residents to keep their information updated in the website so if a violation or issue occurs, we can contact you ASAP.   As we are a volunteer organization, all help from our members is welcome any time.  If you would like to get involved with the enforcement of our parking and trailer pen, please let me know and I will extend this to the board.

    Thank you,


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