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Parking Lots, RIA Landing Area

  • 27 Jul 2016 6:18 AM
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    its been a long time since we have used the RIA launch, but a sinking feeling caused us to take our boat out a few weeks ago. After installing a new exhaust hose, the boat is ship-shape & back in the water. Whew!

    I would like to thank the RIA Board of Directors for maintaining a clean safe area for the islanders. I know it took lots of effort over time to bring it to where it is today.

    I would also like to thank those who take advantage of the parking & launch area. People we met were friendly & even offered to help with our boat. Cars were parked away from thru-way so we could maneuver easily, people used passes for visitors and only authorized cars were visible. More than 20 cars were able to fit into the lower parking area.

    Nice to see such a clean area, well-used and respected by all. Thanks again for working together to keep it available to all.

    Enjoy the rest of the season!

    Martha Wingate

  • 28 Jul 2016 10:37 AM
    Reply # 4160950 on 4157930
    This is great to hear Martha.  Thanks for the feedback, I have passed it on to the Board and Officers.  
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